Table of Contents

Inke Arns
Irwin Navigator: Retroprincip 1983-2003

Destruction/Construction (+ Ideology)

Inke Arns
Mobile States / Shifting Borders / Moving Entities: The Slovenian Artists’ Collective Neue Slowenische Kunst (NSK) (1997/1998)

Katja Diefenbach
Art State – Slovenia and the Nineties (1994)

Slavoj Žižek
The Enlightenment in Laibach (1994)

Lilijana Stepancic
The Poster Scandal: New Collectivism and the 1987 Youth Day (1994)

Slavoj Žižek
Why are Laibach and NSK not Fascists? (1993)

Slavoj Žižek
Es gibt keinen Staat in Europa (1993)

Eda Cufer & Irwin
NSK State in Time (1992)

Boris Groys
The Irwin Group: More total than totalitarianism (1991)

Tomaž Brejic
Le Spectacle de l’Idéologie (1989)

Slavoj Žižek
A Letter from Afar (1989)

Želimir Košcevic
The Group Irwin and Neue Slowenische Kunst (1989)

Rétrograder pour mieux sauter

Daniel Spanke
Irwin does not Believe in Deers (2003)

Igor Zabel
Icons by Irwin (2003)

Arns, Inke
Irwin (NSK) 1983-2002: From Was ist Kunst? via ‘Eastern
Modernism’ to Total Recall (2002)

Myroslava M. Mudrak
Neue Slowenische Kunst and the Semiotics of Suprematism (2001)

Chrissie Iles
Perpetual Present (1988)

Charles Stephens
There is blood running from the old wound: The prophetic vision of
Neue Slowenische Kunst (1988)

Valentin Hribar
Irwin : Le Nouvel art Slovène et le sacré

Was ist Kunst (1988)

The future is the seed of the past (1987)

Epistle (Slovenske Atene) (1985)

Red Districts (1985)

Retro principle (1984)


Irwin & Michael Benson:
Black Square on Red Square
(6. Juni 1992), Performance on the Red Square in Moscow

Constructing (Social) Relations

Podnar, Gregor
Three voices on the artists’ group Irwin (2003)

Vanesa Cvahte
On the Communicational Art of the Irwin group (2002)

Viktor Misiano
The Institutionalization of Friedship (1999)

Eda Cufer
Transnacionala – A Journey from the East to the West (1996)

Michael Benson
Neue Slowenische Kunst: The State in Time (1996)

Eda Cufer
Symptom of the vehicle (1995)

Michael Benson
The Future is Now (1992/93)

Borut Vogelnik & Miloš Gregoric
Back to the USA (1984)

Eastern Modernism

Vogelnik, Borut
Instrumental Politics (2003)

Vogelnik, Borut
The Retro-avant-garde (2001)

Peter Weibel
ArtEast: Retroavantgarde (2001)

Marina Gržinic
Synthesis: Retroavantgarde or Mapping Post-Socialism (2000)

Georg Bussmann
“ The call reverberated like hollow thunder ...” (1994/1996)

Eda Cufer & Irwin
Concepts and Relations (1992/1994)

Irwin, et al.
Moscow Declaration (1992)

Eda Cufer & Irwin
Five Questions to Mr. Jürgen Harten (1990/1991)

Eda Cufer & Irwin
The Ear Behind the Painting (1990)



Irwin: NSK Panorama, Ljubljana (1997), Photography




Joanne Richardson
Interview, Ljubljana 2000

Inke Arns
Interview, Ljubljana 2000 (Real Time Projects)

Marina Viculin
Interview, Ljubljana 1990

Jürgen Harten
Interview, Düsseldorf 1989 (10 Düsseldorf Questions)

Bill Furlong & Mike Archer
Interview, London 1988

Anne Tronche
Interview, Paris 1988


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Irwin: Cross, New York (1997), b/w Photography